5: Child Service Intervals

In this episode:

  • Project cars.
  • The many problems with having multiple cars.
  • Marco's next-car decision.
  • Ogling a showroom's Audi R8 from behind its velvet rope.
  • Test-driving the BMW M5 back-to-back with a 550i xDrive.
  • The odd new BMW 3-series GT (F34) compared to the Honda Crosstour and the Audi A7.
  • Americans' incredible efforts to avoid buying minivans and wagons.
  • Battery lifetimes and disposal for hybrids and electric vehicles.
  • John Siracusa's review of the Tesla Model S after an extended test-ride.
  • A proposal to require electric vehicles to emit fake engine sounds at low speeds for pedestrian safety.

And a bonus "secret track" after the episode's official end at 1:31:40.

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